3 Ways to Keep Your Leather Handbag Clean

Everyone knows that a luxurious leather handbag is the ultimate investment piece. The price of classic Chanel Boy bags have gone up more than that of gold since they were introduced to the haute set by Lagerfeld two decades ago.

Even if you’re not a collector of Chanel, keeping your classic pieces in top condition is essential to their longevity – both for you and for any lucky daughters you might pass them on to.

Read on for our tips on how to keep your leather clean and in good condition with minimal cracking and creasing. With our simple steps, your treasures will be able to withstand wear and tear for years to come.

Daily maintenance for your go-to handbag

While you may not need to go for a full clean after every wear, there are a few simple steps you should keep in mind to maintain the silhouette and sheen of your trademark pieces.

  • Carry only what you need. We know it’s challenging to keep yourself down to a few keys and your iPhone, but we also recommend keeping as little as you can in your purse. Overstuffing a leather bag can lead to loss of shape and stretch marks over time.
  • Wipe your bag down with a microfibre cloth after wear. Buffing any dirt and oils that build up each day on your bag is a surefire way to increase the lifespan of your favourite accessory.
  • Treat your handbag with grace and elegance. Most of us don’t think to inspect where we put down our bags, but we absolutely should. Avoiding abrasion and any unwanted liquids might seem simple, but this habit pays off in the long run.

Storage for your handbag collection

There’s a reason luxury items come in dustbags. It’s simple enough – you want to ensure that scratches and dirt don’t accumulate while your accessories are on the shelf.

Here at Collonil, we recommend resisting the desire to display your Gucci goodies as chic decor items. Instead, we suggest you place your pieces away from direct sunlight and dust-accumulating spaces.

Delving deeper into handbag maintenance

While daily up-keep is essential to subtly improving your handbag’s appearance, it’s also important to take the time to fully restore your pieces every season (or more, if they look like they need it).

While professional restorers each have their own style of leather ‘facial’ treatment, here’s what we recommend to try at home for fail-safe results:

  • Start by wiping your bag down with a microfibre or soft polishing cloth in order to remove any surface dust and
  • Use a second clean cloth to apply any cleaning solutions if necessary
  • Then allow to air dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  • Waterproof your piece with Leather Gel or any one of our easy-to-apply spray treatment in order to prevent damage/staining from rain or from daily wear and tear.
  • Apply conditioning treatments to condition and ensure ongoing flexibility and preservation of the leather’s natural grain. Buff these outwith a soft cloth or polishing brush, and go sparingly. A little truly goes a long way.

At Collonil, we have a range of cleaning and care products that’s ideal for keeping your bags in mint condition. Check it out today.