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      Specially Formulated Leather Handbag Cleaner and Protector

      Although clothes and accessories are often produced from the same material as shoes, there are crucial differences among them: the surface to be treated is much larger and skin contact is more likely – therefore the risk of colour stains increases.

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      Leather handbags are a gorgeous, luxury staple of many wardrobes. They look great with a casual outfit for brunch or when dressed up for a fancy dinner.

      However, these accessories need to be well-kept and maintained to ensure a longer lifespan and to keep them looking as good as new. One of the best ways to do that is by investing in good-quality handbag leather cleaning and protector products. All of our products work well for designer options, lambskin, caviar, calfskin, canvas and epi-based material as well as many more.

      Keep Your Handbags Looking Elegant & Luxurious

      The first step to protecting your handbag is by getting a good cream. Gently applying these types of solutions on your design will plump and protect the material, as well as minimise any existing superficial marks.

      It’s important to regularly top up your protector as well. This ensures there is always a protective barrier on the bag to keep the surface safe from water, oils and other substances that might come into contact with it.

      The most common way to clean these designs – and clothing – is dry cleaning; it works quickly, and the material is treated very gently. However, if you have heavy stains, you might want to try damp cleaning with our solutions instead.  Apply the formula and allow it to absorb into the item, then remove any surplus with a damp cloth. We recommend testing a small unseen area first before using it on highly-visible areas.

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      Whatever solutions you need, whether it’s leather protectors for your handbag, care kit for your shoe or even shoe insoles – we’ve got you covered. Collonil delivers options Australia-wide and even offers free shipping for orders above $59.

      Browse through our range and find the right option for your needs.

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