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      Leather clothing is a fashion statement all-year-round. Most people have at least one of these essentials lined up in their closets, and with so many options on the market, there are endless designs to choose from. But with this comes the need to care for and maintain this sensitive fabric. 

      These garments need to be well-maintained to ensure a longer lifespan and keep them looking as good as new. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in good-quality garment care products like waterproofing sprays, conditioners, polish, etc. All of our products work well for both faux and genuine leather. 

      Although clothes are often produced from the same material as shoes, there are crucial differences: the surface to be treated is much larger, and skin contact is more likely – therefore, the risk of colour stains increases. 

      Keep them looking new with ultimate garment care 

      The first step to protecting your clothes is investing in an excellent protecting cream. Apply this cream with a polishing cloth to keep the clothes looking their best. It’s essential to regularly top up your protector spray, which protects the precious material from dirt and moisture. 

      If your clothing becomes wet, dry it immediately. Invest in a good cleaning foam or wax to get rid of any stains. Take a damp microfibre cloth and clean the stain as soon as you see it. 

      We have a complete care solution that will help you prevent and eliminate harsh damage to your clothing. Keep your leather pieces well-hydrated with our range of products. 

      Stock up now from Collonil 

      Leather will last you a lifetime but will still get dirty. Therefore, regular maintenance is vital. Just like you care for your skin and rehydrate it every now and then, you have to nourish the fabric to improve its durability and maintain its texture. That’s where our range comes in. 

      Get your hands on these today – our range of care products is shipped all over Australia, with free delivery on all orders over $59. Shop now.

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