OUTDOOR ACTIVE – The best care for hiking boots

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      Hiking boots are put to the test in all sorts of rugged conditions. If you want them to last for years and keep them in optimum condition, you’ll need to maintain them with a few quick and easy steps regularly. Our OUTDOOR ACTIVE range is perfect for this.

      Since 1962, Collonil has been part of the great expeditions worldwide as a specialist for products that work under extreme conditions. The development of the OUTDOOR ACTIVE product series for all leather, textile, High-Tex and softshell materials is based on this tradition and experience.

      High-quality hiking boot care products

      This type of footwear is designed to get muddy and gritty. But after an exhilarating hike, that doesn’t mean you just toss them in the cupboard and forget about them. Cleaning and caring for them will help you enjoy many trails together in the long-term, preventing you from having to replace this expensive footwear frequently and prematurely.

      Additionally, leather boots are susceptible to drying out and cracking, along with the scuffs and scrapes they gather along a hike. It is extremely crucial to condition them with a quality product to keep them performing at their best.

      Browse through our OUTDOOR ACTIVE products, including Sport Proof, Biwax Spray, Cleaner or Textile Wash. These are all waterproof and oil-based. They help protect the materials from dirt and moisture. We also have a Leather Wax that nourishes the colour of your beloved walking boots, making them look like-new again.

      Are you dealing with an odour problem? Check out our Shoe Deo to get rid of any unpleasant smells on your shoes and leave them feeling pleasant and fresh.

      Keeping your boots in top-nick

      Don’t wait until your favourite pair is completely ruined. Take care of your favourite hiking companions and choose a line of quality solutions that will prevent any degradation or drying to keep them looking like-new.

      Order your preferred option from our online store with ease today. We even offer free delivery across Australia on orders above $59.