Fabulous range of organic leather care products

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      Although it is said that leather is timeless and grows more elegant with age, it is extremely important to condition and calere for it regularly, keeping it clean and in pristine condition.

      Ever struggled with choosing the right chemical-free product that won’t damage your leather or harm the environment? We have you covered. Our organic series of textile care products are perfect for the environmentally-conscious who wish to keep their precious investments looking like-new, while also caring for Mother Nature.

      The Collonil organic product series is made of 90% natural ingredients. Our aim is to offer a collection that is good for both the material and the environment.

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      We take the fuss out of maintaining your footwear. Throw out those harsh chemicals and opt for those that are made with a unique, mild formula. Our alternatives can be trusted to clean and protect the surface of your suede or textile without causing any damage.

      Each product is made of natural ingredients like olive oil, bamboo, macadamia oil and carnauba wax – which all work hard to protect and clean any material.

      We have formulated all our organic options to embrace the environment and your footwear.  With a fully comprehensive and innovative range, specially catered to shoe care, we take the fuss and hassle out of this process.

      Available right across Australia, these solutions ensure your leather and textile goods last a lifetime. We are offering free shipping on all orders over $59

      Looking for a shoe cleaner? We recommend Organic Bamboo Lotion to remove any grease, stains or surface build-up from your shoes.

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