High-Quality White Leather Shoe Care Products

If you own a pair of white leather shoes, you’ll probably understand the importance of caring for them. The light colour naturally means they get dirty very easily and need regular cleaning. We recommend doing this by hand, not with a washing machine.

While cleaning can be done with soap and water, there are a number of other options that can prolong the life of your leather, as well as preserve the inner material. This range includes items such as polishes and cleaning solutions.

Since 1909, Collonil has been selling products to protect and look after your footwear. With such a long time in the industry, we have gained experience and insight into what does and doesn’t work, allowing us to offer a quality range to your needs.

White Shoe Polish Solutions in Australia

One of the most frequently used products is white shoe polish. Collonil offers some of the best and most effective solutions from anywhere in the world.

Polish is used to add a layer of colour to the outside of your footwear. Over time the natural colour starts to fade and stain, so the material can begin to look old and worn very quickly. The way to fix this is by polishing your footwear. There is no strict formula for how often to do this, but we would recommend applying some of this solution when you think it’s needed.

It’s also a great way to care long-term for your leather as it adds a layer of protection conditioning. This helps safeguard your footwear from any future stains and cracks. While it doesn’t completely prevent this, it is an effective way to reduce the frequency of stains and cracks occurring.

There are a number of other care products available on the market. One such option is cleaner. This is an alternative to the classic soap and water method. It is often more effective because it includes multiple other substances that break down dirt, muck and grime, while still prolonging the life of the original leather.

How to Clean White Shoes

There are two main ways that people look after their white footwear. One option is to use soap and water. To do this, first, remove the laces, and then simply hand wash with a wet cloth and soap. While this option is effective in the short term, it doesn’t remove larger, stronger stains. It also means you are not protecting the future of the shoe.

A more effective method is to use more specialised products. These solutions add layers of protection to the leather so that stains and damage are less likely.

Collonil has been selling products like this since 1909. Visit our online store to browse our range of high-quality solutions.