How to Go About Cleaning Your Canvas Shoes

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      Like most people, you probably bought your latest favourite pair of boots hoping they would last forever. If your footwear is made from textiles like canvas and suede, they won’t be as durable as traditional leather. These softer materials need special care and maintenance to ensure a longer life.

      Have you invested in some canvas pieces and want to know how to protect them from sun, wind and rain? Check out our tips for keeping your textile footwear in its best condition today.

      Waterproofing Your Textiles

      Soft textile items have different care requirements than long-lasting leather goods. Naturally less durable when exposed to water, salt, sand and UV rays, the canvas should be maintained regularly, kept out of the rain if possible, and protected from sun exposure.

      How can you go about this, while still getting to the best out of your shoes?

      • Waterproofing: Instead of shying away from the beach, waterproofing will help guard your footwear against the elements and any marks in the future.
      • Protector spray: Keep the material from fading in the sun with a UV guarding product
      • Regular cleaning: Puddle stains will likely show up on your shoes. If you’ve been caught out in the rain, make sure to let them air dry – then remove any visible marks by quickly applying our formula.

      These steps will help you to get the longest life out of your wardrobe and accessories. As this footwear is so popular in the summer when sun rays (and UV exposure) are at their highest, consider ahead of time how you can preserve them when you’re outside.

      Be Prepared with Our Protector Sprays

      Sometimes life happens. Instead of finding out you’ve ruined your favourite pair of shoes after you’ve been caught in a storm, have the right products on hand to clean up any damage. Once thoroughly dry, consider applying a spray to the material so you won’t be left vulnerable to environmental exposures the next time around.

      Check out our extensive range of care products and formulas today.