5 Signs You Should Get New Shoe Inserts

When you look after your feet with the support provided by inner soles, you'll appreciate the quality they can bring to your life. Your whole body will feel strengthened and in top condition.

There will come a point, though, when you need to change your support. While there isn't a strict schedule for this, there are five sure signs that they need replacing.

Experiencing pain

You’ll know it's time to replace your insoles if you are experiencing any pain in your arches, back or ankles. If your shoes are well-fitting and in good condition, you shouldn't experience any pain at all – whether you're standing, jumping about or heading out on a run.

There is no need for you to suffer – your inserts should feel comfortable whenever you use them. Take action and replace them before you encounter serious injury or you’re left dealing with blisters, calluses or corns.


Visible discolouration usually indicates that there is more going on with the integrity of the structure and padding of your foot support.

If you've noticed the colour of your insoles have faded considerably, especially if there was once a logo or pattern you can no longer see, or your foot leaves a visible mark, then it's time for a change.

Any signs of damage or wear

Once you discover any cracking, tearing or broken pieces, it's time to change your shoe inserts. We recommend checking them regularly, rather than waiting until you feel pain or get blisters.

While it's tempting to hold off on replacing your inner soles when there's only a small tear or crack, it's this type of damage that is more likely to cause blisters. If it’s just the pattern that is fading away, that is alright as it isn't affecting the integrity of the product.

Funky odour

Wondering about that funky odour that’s coming from your footwear? It smells like it's time to change your insoles. They will inevitably absorb sweat if you wear them a lot – especially on hot days, resulting in an unpleasant smell.

Continuing to wear these when they're smelly can lead to fungus or bacterial infection on your soles or toes. The funky smell can be avoided by taking insoles out of shoes to dry when they are not being worn, regularly replacing your slips and keeping your feet fresh and dry.

Looking and feeling compressed

When your latex pads start to look flat and the foam has lost its spring, you need to replace them.

This state can be hardest to recognise due to its gradual deterioration that can easily go unnoticed. Occasionally check the thickness to ensure you're taking the very best care of your feet.

Get Your Feet Moving in Complete Comfort

When you're presented with the need to replace your inserts, whether they're made out of airy latex foam, self-adhesive gel pads or vegetable-tanned leather, we are dedicated to bringing our clients products that are supportive and comfortable.

We never compromise on quality, but recommend regularly checking your foot support to get the best from the product. Take a look through our range and stock up today.