6 Fun and Creative Ways to Tie your Shoes

There is nothing quite like getting your new sneakers or boots out of the box for the first time, then tying the laces and slipping them on. Adding a little personal touch can elevate them even further, especially when they start to get scuffs from continued use.

Add personality to your footwear with some fun and creative ways to tie your laces. Not only are you adding a burst of colour, but you’ll be turning your footwear into something extraordinary.

One-handed lacing

This loose-fit style is easy to achieve. Add to the look by using a bright or contrasting colour.

  1. Tie a stopper-knot at the top corner of the shoe.
  2. The unknotted end should be run from the inside of the other top eyelet. Pull through until the knot snugs against the eyelet.
  3. Zig-zag through the eyelets until reaching the bottom of the shoe.

For the Future Rock Star

This pattern is super fun, and all the future superstars of your home will want their shoes looking this way. Take a look at this star tutorial that will orbit sneakers into space.

A Single Bow

This single bow is the perfect accompaniment for taking a pair of sneakers and giving them a look that’s ideal for wearing with a dress. This super creative idea is shown step-by-step using an Instagram tutorial.

Climbing the Ladder

Ladder lacing is as functional as it is supportive, and it's not too hard to achieve. It particularly stands out and looks distinctive when wearing high boots.

  1. Insert the lace into the first eyelets and ensure the ends are even.
  2. Run the ends up the sides and through the next set of eyelets.
  3. Work them across and under the vertical sections on the opposite side.
  4. Continue this process until the last eyelets are reached.

The X Factor

This design takes fun to a whole other level. It has the X factor all over it, and will give your footwear a bit of personality. Take a look at this tutorial and discover how you can add something fabulous to your outfit.

Elastic Laces

It may be the last on our list, but it is by far one of the very best. Elastic laces are all you need to add colour, fun and creativeness to a humble pair of sneakers. They effortlessly attach to your sneakers, and your feet easily slip in and out when you change them.

They are great for all ages, especially for people who like to look a little different to the rest, and children. Easy, convenient and fun.

Ready to Kick up Some Fun?

Either you can continue to tie your shoes as you always have, or you can add a little kick and get creative using one of the above techniques. Collonil loves putting the fun back in footwear and invites you to discover their range.