Best Way To Clean and Care for Leather Car Seats & Interior

When you love your car, you want to keep it looking its best – especially when it’s a luxury vehicle with leather interior finish. With the amount of driving we do day-to-day, often our car seats undergo a lot of wear and tear – but don’t despair. Here at Collonil, we specialise in offering a range of care products to keep them looking their best with a little TLC.

Over the years, we’ve come to know a thing or two about maintaining our leather and keeping it in its most pristine condition. Read on to find out some of our tips for the best way to maintain car seats and interiors.

Tips for Cleaning Luxury Leather Car Seats

There is a bit of work involved in looking after your leather – but the time and effort you put into it is always worth the resulting finish. Without proper maintenance, the upholstery can become cracked or faded as it is highly susceptible to sun damage and exposure – therefore reducing its luxurious feel and level of comfort it provides.

Our car furniture care products have been designed to reduce the effects of such weathering. Here is our guide on the best way to look after your vehicle’s interior.

Dust, Wipe and Clean

To prepare the surface, remove dust by wiping down with a soft microfibre cloth. Then, to restore the material’s original lustre, our Car Care Set is a good place to start. This contains everything to look after your vehicle’s interiors – with Cockpit Spray, Polishing Cloth, Leather Lotion and Leather & Textile Cleaner to do the job. 

Leather & Textile Cleaner will help to loosen and remove dirt from leather seats, steering wheels as well from fabric covers and car mats/carpets. This cleaning lotion is effective yet gentle and will not cause any colour fading nor will it strip the leather of its natural oils.  

The Leather Lotion is ideal for conditioning leather as it contains high-quality oils that are designed to nourish the material, while also restoring its colour and preventing premature ageing. Follow with the Textile Cleaner to gently remove any dirt.

Cockpit Spray is the perfect product to use on all plastic, wood and metal components of your car interior. It will clean and protect these surfaces preserving the original appearance for years to come. Cockpit Spray will also reduce the electrostatic charge on these surfaces which will help to repel dust- Perfect for keeping your dashboard looking clean!

For removing those stubborn marks and stains we recommend using  Cleaning Cream. Apply in a gentle, circular motion with a microfibre cloth, then allow to dry.

Regular Care is Crucial

Having a regular maintenance routine is key when it comes to caring for your seats and keeping them in top condition. This way you can tend to any little problems before they really become an issue.

It’s also worth considering where you park your car – is it outside in the driveway where it’s exposed to the sun, or do you park inside your garage or carport? If your vehicle is kept in the shade, it will be less susceptible to the harsh Australian sun – therefore preserving your interiors for much longer and delaying the effects of deterioration.

Want to know more? If you have any further questions, get in touch with the team at Collonil. You can reach us here online by emailing or call us on 1300 780 971.