If you are looking for shoes to wear on a special occasion you may consider high gloss leather shoes. High gloss leather has a very elegant appearance but its care is demanding. Here we give you advice on how to do it right.
High gloss leather is a special kind of smooth leather. During the manufacturing process the material is rolled first, then the surface is sanded off and polished. The result is a velvety, silky gloss that has a high-quality and elegant appearance – perfect for a sophisticated evening look. Brush leather combines the positive characteristics of smooth leather: the condensed, particularly smooth surface does not capture dust and dirt as quickly which facilitates cleaning. However, due to the rolling process brushed leather is harder than other leather types and is thus more likely to become brittle. Therefore, make sure you break in your shoes well in order to soften the material so that it adjusts to your feet. High gloss leather requires special care much more frequently than other leather types.