How to care for leather shoes in winter

Winter can be cold, wet and miserable, but that doesn't mean we have to leave our stylish leather shoes at home when we step out for work or on special occasions. With the proper care regime, you can ensure they are protected from the cold and look just as good at the end of winter as they did at the beginning. 

Cleaning your shoes effectively 

Even if your shoes appear spick and span, they might not be ready to handle winter conditions. As genuine leather is made from the hide of different animal species, it includes pores that can be extremely fine. This means that ultra-small specks of dirt, dust and other contaminants can clog up these pores without being noticeable to the naked eye. 

The Collonil Hygiene Foam Cleaner provides all of your deep washing needs, and it is sensitive enough to be used for bags, furniture and clothing options like jackets. 

Suede is made from the animal's underside and is a lot softer but not as durable, so it needs special care. The Collonil Carbon Spot Cleaner is a specialised cleaning block that will help ensure you remove even the tiniest dirt microbes without damaging the sensitive surface. 

This cleaning should be done daily, and you must pay special attention to the stitching and seams where dirt can accumulate. 

Conditioning and waterproofing 

This is where the importance of proper cleaning becomes clear. If any of those tiny pores are clogged with dirt, you will not get complete waterproofing, and your shoes will be susceptible to damage. 

As leather is made from animal hide, you must treat it the same way you treat your skin. Your skin needs to be moisturised and nourished, and your shoes do as well. 

The Collonil Waterstop Cream is your best option as it contains conditioner and a waterproofing cream in one product. It contains jojoba oil, which is a close alternative to our skin's natural sebum, which makes it perfect for leather care. It also contains sweet almond oil, which is another natural remedy that will soften and moisturise the leather to prevent it from becoming stiff and uncomfortable, which can cause cracks. 

Important notes on the cleaning process 

Before you clean, condition or waterproof, remove any laces so they don't become stained or cover up parts of the leather. Then leave your shoes to air dry before applying any product. 

Remember, less is more with these products as you don't want to apply too much moisture. For the best results, let the conditioner and waterproofing agent soak in overnight, wiping off any excess with a soft towel in the morning. 

Finally, you can polish them to give them the right level of shine. Collonil's Elegant Finish makes this process easy with a simple spray-on option that doesn't require any buffing. Just ensure that you lay down some paper or an old towel first as this polish can leave stains on your floor, but they will leave your shoes looking their best.