Before you put your boots into storage there are a few things you should consider.

Leather Shoes

At a certain point during the year winter boots disappear somewhere into the closet or garage until they will be needed again next season. In order to store them correctly boot or shoe trees should be used. By doing so you even out creases, preserve the shape of the shoe and handling while cleaning will be much easier. When the boots are to be worn again dry clean the shoe with a cloth or a brush. If necessary, use some of the other quality Collonil care products for damp cleaning. Water-soluble stains can be removed with Collonil Clean & Care Classic. If there are water or snow marks you can use Collonil Shampoo Classic. For hydro-carbon-soluble stains our Special Cleaner Spray is suitable. Now waterproof your shoes with at least three spray applications and be sure to use other Collonil care products in order to refresh the material´s colour and to provide it with nutrients. For storage we recommend fabric bags or shoe boxes. Please also make sure that the shoes are not exposed to too much humidity while being stored during summer. Now you and your shoes are well prepared for the next winter.