How to Clean and Remove Stains and Spots from Suede Leather

New suede shoes are a stylish and long-loved fashion choice, but they are notoriously challenging to clean, especially when you don’t employ the right tools and techniques. 

Fortunately, if you are wondering how to treat suede leather, we at Collonil are here to help. From using a suede cleaner to before and after care ideas, we have some of the best tips and tricks to help you spot clean suede like a pro.

Tools and Materials You Will Need to Treat Suede Leather 

Did you know that using water to wash suede actually causes more stains? Simple facts like these prove how vital correct suede before and after care is to conducting a successful spot clean.

Before you learn how to treat suede leather, you need to ensure you have all the right tools for the job. With various options available to you for tackling your next spot clean, we have put together a simple checklist to help you identify & gather the suede cleaner essentials: 

  • Suede brush/ crepe brush
  • cleaning block for suede
  • Cleaning product suitable for suede 

Knowing how to clean suede is only part of the process. By stocking each of these items in your suede cleaner kit, you are helping to guarantee an easier, more manageable cleaning process. 

Before and After Care: How to Spot Clean Suede Leather Shoes 

So, what are the tricks and secrets surrounding how to clean suede? It begins with how stained or dirty your suede leather has become, which will determine the before and after care steps you will need to achieve your desired results.

Here is a breakdown of 4 of the best DIY cleaner steps to treat suede leather. 

1. Dry Cleaning Your Suede Leather 

When it comes to removing stains from suede it is always recommended that a dry -cleaning method is implemented prior to using a wet cleaning method. A dry-cleaning method refers to using a cleaning block or brush without any water or wet product. Most often scuff marks and spots on suede are easily rubbed off by using a cleaning block specifically designed for suede. 

Brush the stains or marks using a back-and-forth motion. This will help to disturb any dirt or debris trapped beneath the shoe’s surface without spreading the stain. You can try dry cleaning blocks, like Collonil’s Carbon Spot Cleaner, specifically designed to remove deep dirt marks, spots and shiny streaks from suede items. 

2. Brush it off 

Sometimes this handy step is all you’ll need! Simply take a good cleaning brush designed specifically for suede like Collonil’s Crepe Brush and simply brush off any dirt and debris that has accumulated within the fibres. Sometime simple care is best for delicate materials like suede. 

3. Apply Protectant Spray to Treat Suede Leather

We’ve all heard the expression – ‘the best defence is a good offence’. It makes sense that protection is the best way to prevent the build-up of dirt on your suede leather shoes in the first place. 

Using a protectant spray will help you keep your items cleaner for longer and make your next cleaning session much more manageable. With products like Collonil’s Nubuk + Velours spray, you can give your shoes lasting and effective protection. 

4. Know When to Clean Suede with a Cleaning Product

For more deeper, devilish stains like oil, grease, mud, or ink, the use of a suitable suede cleaner may be required. For oil and grease stains, use a powerful cleaning spray like Reinigungs Spray  on the affected area along with a cleaning block to remove these stubborn stains.  For all other stains like mud and general dirt stains, Clean and Care Foam and good cleaning brush will get the job done- Just make sure you allow suede to completely dry before wearing them.  

Shop Quality Suede Leather Tools & Materials at Collonil 

At Collonil, we provide various exceptional products that work alongside our before and after care tips to ensure that you can easily clean your suede leather items. 

Items like our Carbon Nubuck and Suede Cleaner, and Bamboo Lotion are the perfect examples of quality products to help spot clean suede. 

For more information about how we at Collonil can support you, contact our team today by submitting an online enquiry