Shoe Polish: How To Shine Your Shoes Correctly

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Is there anything that ties an outfit together quite like a pair of beautifully polished shoes?

Correctly polishing one’s shoes is a skill everyone should have under the belt (which can also benefit from a polish every now and then). From increasing the lifespan of leather shoes to elevating basically any look you’re trying to put together, using the right shoe polish kit can have a transformative effect on your footwear.

In this article, our team at Collonil have put together some simple tips to help you understand the importance of finding the best shoe polish, as well as the 5 simple steps for getting the perfect shine, every time.


What Should You Include in Your Shoe Polish Kit?

It is essential you have the right tools for the job. From finding the best shoe polish to having a quality polishing brush, here are some essential items to complete any shoe polish kit:

Shoe Polish

Finding the best shoe polish to use involves a considerable amount of deliberation. Will your shoe polish product lend colour, conditioning or shine to your footwear? Are you working with cream or wax options? For shoes that have a lot of scuffs and the colour has faded there are creams which contain a high amount of colour pigments to bring them back to their former glory. Certain leather boots require more oils to maintain its rustic appearance- for these types of leather there are polishes which contain a higher concentration of waxes. Or you may want a classic, high shine finish on your bespoke leather shoes. Whatever it is you are trying to achieve, the right shoe polish will have an enormous impact on the overall outcome, so make sure you choose wisely.

Shoe Polish Brush

A shoe brush is necessary for two reasons. Firstly, it helps remove any stubborn dirt or dust before you begin polishing. Secondly, it is the perfect tool for the application of your best shoe polish. A wide shine brush will create a perfect shine on your shoes. Alternatively, you can opt for a dauber-style brush to apply the leather cream to more delicate footwear.

Soft Shoe Polish Cloths

If you have soft shoe polish cloths on hand, you have to make them a part of your shoe polish kit. Ideal for applying products like leather conditioner and even for buffing, you can never have too many soft shoe polish cloths when shining your shoes.

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Cleaning and conditioning shoes are two vital steps in keeping your favourite pair looking new for longer. Most leather shoes may only require a mild cleaning and conditioning product to do the job in one step. However, if you use a wet cleaning product like a cleaning foam to remove dirt it is essential that you use a conditioning product afterwards to replenish the leather of any lost oils. Missing this crucial step will cause leather dry out and lose its elasticity.  


5 Easy Steps to Shine Your Shoes Like a Pro

Now you have your complete shoe polish kit, it is time to learn how to wield it like a professional!

1. Prepare Your Shoe Polish Kit

Nothing guarantees success more than preparation, practice, and perseverance. Set out your shoe polish, soft polishing cloth, leather products, and shoe polish brush ready to get to work! If you are looking for good quality products, review online to discover items from our Collonil shoe care collection.

At Collonil, we are a one-stop shop for all your shoe polish kit needs!

2. Brush

First, you need to brush your shoes. With the laces removed, take a hold of your shoe, and begin to use your cleaning brush, working with a back-and-forth motion. You will need to apply light pressure to ensure you are removing all the surface dirt and grime.

3. Clean & Condition

This is where our trusty leather cleaner and conditioner make an appearance. Take your freshly brushed shoes and apply the cleaner to their surface using a brush or soft shoe polish cloth. Dab small amounts all around the shoe. Make sure to reach all the tricky spots for an even look. Follow this with a quality conditioner to soften and nourish the leather to keep your shoes looking better for longer. 

4. Use Your Best Shoe Polish

Now is the time to break out your best shoe polish. With your applicator brush or another soft polishing cloth, gently apply the polish evenly and begin rubbing it in (ensuring to match your shoe and polish colour for the best results).

After applying the polish, leave the shoes to dry. The longer you leave them to sit, the more the polish will be absorbed by the leather. 

5. Buff

Finally, take large polishing brush or soft polishing cloth and buff your shoes to work up a beautiful shine!


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