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Do you suffer from discomfort or pain after lengthy walks or from standing for an extended period of time? 

Foot support is the perfect solution to get rid of this, such as those to embrace your arch. As a result, these designs help to lessen pain and make walking and standing much more comfortable. 

At Collonil, we have various insoles that can slip right into your shoes and provide your feet with the utmost comfort. They provide extreme comfort and protection against common problems. Designed anatomically with cushioning, insoles protect your feet from harsh impact and maintain your correct body posture. 

All-day foot support 

Sore feet can cause a lot of discomfort and also hinder your mobility. To help you eliminate this pain and ensure a good body posture, we offer a range of high-quality products to help you manage this while also improving your gait. 

Our products are designed to relieve the pressure placed on tendons, ligaments and joints, as well as the spine. They provide firm arch support and are provided with a metatarsal pad and heel pad that prevents the arch of the foot from falling. This alleviates pain due to pressure placed on the ligaments. 

They are all cushioned, and some even have active charcoal filters to give them an anti-odour effect. We also have anti-slip options that enable you to walk firmly while keeping your posture right. 

Check out our leather-based designs and ease the pain of standing and walking. 

Talk to us for a solution today 

When your feet are misaligned or not adequately supported, it can affect your entire body, resulting in knee, hip and back pain. With proper inserts, you can increase comfort and improve your balance and stability. 

Browse our latest collection today. We are delivering all over Australia, with free shipping on all orders over $59.

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