Quality Solutions for Your Leather Business Shoe Care

Leather has a lot of characteristics that are similar to that of our own skin – and just like our skin, it needs to be regularly cleaned, looked after and moisturised. This will help to keep it in pristine condition.    

When it comes to tending to your business shoes, make sure you are giving them enough time to breathe. Many experts recommend you have two or more pairs in your wardrobe that you rotate between every couple of days. This avoids you using the same pair every day, which could result in a shorter life span.  

At Collonil, we have been producing high-quality leather care solutions since 1909. If you have footwear that you wish to preserve, our care products are perfect for you.   

Business Shoe Care

Dress Shoe Care Products for a Brighter Shine 

There are several types of cleaning products available on the market today. One of the most popular solutions is dress shoe cleaner. As the name suggests, this is used to preserve the outside material, restoring the beautiful colour and shine that you get when they are brand new.   

Polish is another frequent choice for looking after your accessories. This product is similar to the cleaner, but doesn’t remove dirt, grime and muck. Instead, polish adds a layer of colour and conditioning to the material, achieving a similar effect. The use of polish, however, requires your footwear to be cleaned prior to application. This can make the process a bit more tedious.   

Ready to Make an Impression    

Whether you wear them every day for work or just for special occasions, leather accessories need to be looked after. This means cleaning, polishing, airing out and resting them consistently.    

It is important to give your shoes some air every now and then. Naturally, sweat gets into the inside material, which can cause it to lose shape, comfort and colour. By airing out and allowing for some breathing time every few days, you could extend the life and comfort of your footwear dramatically.   

Collonil’s Quality Range 

Since 1909, Collonil has been providing Australia with high-quality leather care solutions. Whether it’s footwear or a luxury handbag, our solutions can extend the life of your accessories.    

We are proud to be Australia’s top choice in the industry. Our products are some of the best in the market, so protect your accessories today by visiting our online store.