Best Cleaner for Running Shoes

Whether you run on the road, or you’re more of a cross country kind of person, your shoes are going to get pretty dirty. Regular maintenance of your footwear can help to prolong their lifespan, increase your comfort, and reduce wear and tear on the outside materials.  

When it comes to carrying out this task, there are usually two options for how to do it. The first method is to simply use soap, water and a cloth. You can then air it out or hand dry it. No matter what method you use, we still recommend airing out your footwear regularly.  

Another method is to use a more specialised solution from our range. These products contain more effective ingredients than what’s included in soap, so the process can be made a lot quicker and easier.  

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Tips for Cleaning Your Running Shoes 

First you’ll need a cloth or brush, then the solution itself. Each of our products works differently, but they all work to achieve the same goal of breaking down the dirt and restoring your footwear's original colour.  

The chemicals and other ingredients that are in the solution itself are chosen very carefully. Their main purpose is to break down and dislodge particles from the outside of the shoe. The brush is then used to remove them from the material entirely.  

If you regularly find yourself washing your running footwear, consider using our products. They have a pretty high success rate, so this is a great choice. Sometimes you may need to go through the process twice to achieve the best effect, but this is usually only in extreme cases.   

How to Clean Sport Shoes   

The process begins with choosing a product. There are a significant amount of variants out there, and the exact results can differ between them. In the bigger picture, though, the results are usually going to be pretty similar.  

Once you have made your selection, the next thing to do is to take your solution and pour a decent amount onto your brush or cloth. Then rub it back and forth until you're satisfied with how it looks. This will cause all of the dirt to break down and dislodge. You may have to wash the brush and then repeat this process in some cases.  

Once this is complete, simply take a soft cloth and dry off the material. We also recommend leaving it to air dry.  

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