Shoe care tips while you're at home

We spend a lot of time in our homes – however, our shoes are often neglected during this time as we seldom wear them around the house. 

Here are some tips on how you can quickly and easily care for your shoes when you are kicking back at home, keeping them looking fresh for the next time you hit the pavement.  

Protect your feet and your socks 

Have you noticed that your footwear is leaving marks or stains on your socks or feet? 

There is a simple hack to prevent this that you can apply in your own home. Simply rub some talcum or baby powder liberally on the inside, then use a cloth to collect up the remains. Your feet will glide in, and there will be no more marks or stains. 

Revitalise leather 

As this type of footwear is made out of animal hide, they will grow hard and become cracked if they’re not looked after. 

You can repair tired, old leather quickly and easily while you are watching your favourite television show. Simply, take out the laces and apply Collonil’s Shoe Cream, which will moisturise the material, breathe new life into it and restore its colour and lustre. 

Whiten the soles of your sneakers 

As soles are in constant contact with the ground, they get dirty and discoloured over time, especially if they are white. Our Carbon Midsole Cleaner removes stains and dirt, returning the condition of your soles to look almost as good as new. 

Eliminate odours 

Does odour linger at your front door, due to less-than-fresh footwear? Is it painful to walk past the footgear at your front door due to the smell? 

Many deodorisers simply mask this smell, to get down to the root cause, try our Carbon Odour Cleaner instead, has cleaning properties and will completely remove odours, like sweat. 

When shopping around for footwear, consider whether odour will be a problem. Cheaply made designs are more likely to smell bad over time, due to the synthetic materials used. Natural options like leather and cotton are more likely to resist odour. 

Safely dry out soaked footwear 

Been caught in the rain? Drenched sneakers develop a bad smell if not dried correctly. 

It’s not recommended that you apply heat, as this can damage the material. Instead, simply place a cotton bag full of rice inside and suck out the moisture. If you have essential oils handy, try adding a few drops. 

Put your shoes on correctly 

If you are struggling to get the back of your foot into your shoe, this battle can cause damage to the material and shorten the life of your footwear. A shoehorn is the best option, but any plastic card will do the trick, too. Don't use your AMEX, though –  use an old library or video card if you have one. 

Rub out stains on suede 

A simple eraser is all you need to bring suede back to life in most instances, as it will break off in the fibres and attach itself to the dirt, before dislodging and taking the grime with it.