Waterstop Spray 200ml                     (for all materials)
Waterstop Spray 200ml                     (for all materials)

Waterstop Spray 200ml (for all materials)

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Collonil’s Waterstop Spray: Guarding Your Boots Against the Rain

With over 100 years’ experience in making formulas that are designed to protect leather goods, Collonil understands the need for effective products that keep your footwear and accessories safe from the rain.

Guarding against environmental damage is one of the best ways to get the most out of your belts, footwear and bags, and extend their life. As an Australian company, our team knows and understands our harsh climate, and has designed innovative formulas that can keep your favourite items guarded against rain, sun and the outback.

Need a quick and easy way to maintain your shoes? Check out the benefits of our popular range.

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Universal weatherproofing spray with UV protection

This is a universal waterproofing formula for all materials, offering optimum protection for all smooth leathers, suede, textiles and high-tech materials. Waterstop achieves optimum UV protection and prevents dirt and moisture from penetrating into the deeper fibres. It also prevents colour fading due to overexposure of sunlight.

Safe for all materials, Waterstop will keep your boots and shoes safe against all conditions. This grab-and-go product is a quick and easy way to shield the outermost layers of your leather from environmental exposure.

We know Australia, and we want our products to support the lifestyle we lead here at home. With leading UV protection ingredients, this everyday item can help prevent harsh sun rays from breaking down your textiles and slowing colour fade due to exposure.

Tips for Best Usage

Use in a well-ventilated area. Before wearing the shoes for the first time, spray them three times from a distance of about 20 cm. Leave the shoes for about 20 minutes so that the formula can penetrate deep into the material. Regular application optimises the effect.

Australian-Born and Bred Leather Carers

For over a century Collonil has been manufacturing Australia’s best selection of cleaning products.

Ready to get the best life out of your favourite boots? Check out our extensive range of maintenance and cleaning products today.

Free shipping on orders over $59 Australia wide

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The look you deserve

Whether you’re looking to keep your work shoes shiny and brand new or you want to make sure those leather seats in your car are a sight to behold to anyone that hops in for a ride—we have the products you need.

Investing in leather is not just about getting the product, to make the most out of your investment, it’s important to take good care of it. Our kits are designed to give you all the right products and tools that will give you the results you are looking for. We even have a range of environmentally friendly leather cleaning products.

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