Best Sneaker Cleaners to Keep Your White Sneakers Fresh

White sneakers are wardrobe staples thanks to their simplicity and versatility. These can easily be paired with anything from jeans to dresses, but if you have your favourite pair for a while, they most likely have signs of wear and tear like sole streaks, discolouration, and scuff marks. 

The good news is you don’t have to throw a good pair away; simply try out these sneaker cleaning products from Australia’s top choice for shoe care protection products to keep your shoes in tip-top condition: 

Collonil Sneaker Cleaning Products: 

  1. Collonil Shoe Cream 

Do you wish your favourite pair of whites would stand out a little more? A high-quality shoe cream can rejuvenate its lacklustre colour to make your kicks more aesthetically appealing. 

Merely apply a thin layer using an applicator brush or a polishing cloth. Leave it on for a few minutes before buffing, and when done regularly, it will help to prevent discolouration. Just be sure to purchase the right shade. 

  1. Collonil Sneaker White 

Some polishers have a natural black or brown undertone which actually contributes to the issue of discolouration. That’s why it’s important to use shoe care products specially formulated for white sneakers, like Collonil Sneaker White. 

Its light texture and formula will help not only with brightening the colour, but also with removing yellow tinting and other signs of damage. Prolong the life of your white sneakers with this high-quality product. 

For the best results, remove any residue or moisture from your kicks before applying the product. Start with a thin layer, and just reapply as needed. 

  1. Carbon Protecting Spray 

No matter the material your white sneakers are made of, Carbon Protecting Spray will always be able to offer protection against dirt and moisture. It creates a thin and breathable layer that serves as a barrier against your shoes and the harsh elements. 

To apply, spray the formula at a distance of 30 cm of a clean and dry sneaker. Ensure maximum protection by reapplying it every 12 to 15 wears of your sneakers. If you need something for travelling, its aerosol-free alternative is also a terrific option. 

  1. Carbon Sneaker Cleaning Brush 

Sprays and solutions may help minimise the maintenance that needs to be done, but they don’t work on their own. A Carbon Sneaker Cleaning Brush helps you remove dirt and dust on the surface to prepare your sneakers for the shoe protection formula you’re going to apply. 

Specially designed for sneakers, it cleans without damaging the surface. For a deeper clean, use it with a cleaning solution of your choice. 

  1. Collonil Reinigungs Crème 

An amazing product for removing pen marks, dark streaks, and stains, it helps to always have Collonil Reinigungs Crème ready. To use, apply the cream to the stained area using a polishing cloth and gently rub it in a circular motion until the stain is lifted. 

Keeping your white sneakers looking new is easy with quality products from Collonil. Browse our selection today to learn more about our selection.